Survey – TellCaribou is a customer satisfaction survey that will help Caribou learn more about the different situations that people have had when they’ve bought coffee from them.

Take Caribou Coffee Survey

Take Caribou Coffee Survey

Customers who fill out the inform Caribou Coffee survey have a chance to win a code that can be redeemed. Once the survey is over, the customer has access to the code. Finishing the question won’t take long.

Please fill out the Caribou Coffee customer satisfaction poll if you believe in “spending less for more.” Anyone who does the task will either get a gift or a chance to win a prize.

Although the prize could be a surprise gift, the code must be written on the receipt for this to be real.

On this page, it talks about what TellCaribou is all about, the gifts that are available, how to start the survey, and the rules that go along with it. Rules, requirements, and directions on how to take the Caribou Coffee customer survey.

Take Caribou Coffee Survey

How to take Part in the TellCaribou Survey?

Your only option to take the survey is to go online and visit the TellCaribou website to view the poll. The person who filled out the poll will be given some questions to answer and a validation code that can be used to get a prize.

Here are the steps you need to take to join the event:

The fastest way is made up of the following:

  • Using a web browser that supports Java to go to
  • Pay close attention to the directions.
  • Click on the button to start the poll.
  • Truthful answers should be given to all of the questions.
  • You’ll be given a confirmation code that is good for thirty days when the process is over.

Take Caribou Coffee Survey

How to Do It with a Step-by-Step Guide

The Caribou Coffee Survey webpage is

Step 1: You will see a thank-you message that will welcome you and encourage you to take the survey. Please Make sure you carefully read the steps.

Step 2: You need to enter the code that is written on the receipt in order to move on with the study. The ticket has this 14-digit number on it.

Step 3: In the next box, find the time that is next to “Total” on your ticket. Following that, click “Start” to move on with the poll. Next, get ready to answer all the questions based on your own experience at the store.

Step 4: You will be given a scale to use to rate how pleased you were with your most recent experience at the store. The scale goes from very satisfied to extremely dissatisfied.

Step 5: You are to rate the speed, accuracy of the order, and quality of the service using the above-mentioned scale, which goes from “extremely pleased” to “highly dissatisfied.”

Step 6: After that, you will be asked to fill out some information about how happy you are with the store’s appearance, the staff’s mood, and the overall cleanliness of the building.

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